New Year and, New Designs and New Lessons

I am excited for what 2022 will bring this year. Show Season is just opening up and the ideas are circling around in the old brain bucket.

I have started to incorporate gold in almost all of my pieces. A year ago, I would have been scared to take that leap.

Using gold not only enhances the look and quality of the enamel but also increases the value of the finished pieces.

I also have been valuing my time more as a businesswoman. Owning and running my own business as a sole proprietor has taught me a valuable lesson on how to value my time to ensure I am paying myself a living wage and so that I can keep the studio doors open and the lights on.

What many people may not realize is there is a lot that goes on when it comes to being a Successful Artist. I am only making jewelry about 40-50% of the time. The other time I spend answering emails, ordering supplies, applying to shows, making profit and losses spreadsheets, calculating wholesale vs. retail pricing, shipping orders, making contracts, managing taxes, photographing pieces, marketing, posting on social media, website management and so much more. 

In the Studio

Running the business side has been by far the biggest learning curve but the most rewarding part. I am very proud of how the business has developed and I am excited to see where it goes in the future. This business has allowed me to not only make beautiful work but also raise money for different charitable organizations and help with conservation awareness, things that are very important to me.

Here are some pieces that were sold that raised money for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine. I have some new things coming up that will be excited to share soon. Hopefully I will be able to keep myself organized enough to make a blog post about it, share on a newsletter, post to patreon and social media and whatever other thing I need to do to share news in this digital age.

These are just some ramblings of a creative trying to make it while hopefully sharing inspiration on the way.

If you read this thank you.

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