About Darci Shea

I don't like to be called an artist but I suppose that is what I am. I prefer to be called a maker and a craftsman, but mostly I am a water woman and an explorer.


     I grew up sailing on a boat and sailed from the West Coast to the East Coast traveling through Central and South America. This amazing adventure gave me the unique opportunity to explore art and culture in other countries developing my creative style. While traveling I became a diver, a surfer, a fisherman and a sailor.


    Once on the East Coast of the United States I studied Children's Book Illustration and Jewelry Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating I moved to the Big Apple to pursue a creative career in publishing but the water was calling and I changed my career path and returned to sailing. 10 years later I am a US Coast Guard licensed Captain, Children's Book Illustrator and Cloisonné Jeweler.


     I am sharing my unique story to help explain the aesthetic of my work and capture your attention. Every piece I make is a journey and has a story. Perhaps one day you can tell me your story and I can make a timeless piece for you.