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Darci Shea Studios

The King of Ice and Sea

The King of Ice and Sea

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The King Of Sea and Ice

I designed this piece at the beginning of 2021 and finally finished it on New Years Eve. My hopes with this piece was to pay tribute to the fascinating animals who thrive in the most remote places of the world. Theses creatures existence, though so far away and so wild, are threatened by human activity and climate change.

It’s up to us to make changes in our lives to make a difference on this planet. The things I try to do to minimize my impact as a small business is to ship all my pieces using only recycled materials, research and implement ways to be more sustainable and health conscious, and donating to worthy causes that help my community and our planet.

This statement piece is made from cloisonné glass enamel, 24k gold wire, fine silver, sterling silver and American Mined Montana Sapphires.

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