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Vaquita Cloisonné Pendant

Vaquita Cloisonné Pendant

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The world's rarest marine mammal is the Vaquita, which means "little cow" in Spanish. The Vaquita's unique facial markings around the eyes and mouth have been compared to a smiling panda. This tiny cetacean, also known as Phocoena Sinus, can grow 4-5 ft in length and weigh 90-120 lbs. Scientists believe there are only 10 of these little porpoises left on earth in the northern most shallow waters of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. The Vaquita is endangered due to illegal fishing practices and the decline of the totoba fish. Due to the threats against the Vaquita, Mexico has permanently banned gillnet fishing in the hopes to save this little marine mammal.

This cloisonné Vaquita is made from fine silver, 24k gold wire, glass enamel and mason stains. The setting is made from a mixture of 22k and 18k gold.

*Gold chain not included and sold separately*

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